Union's digital and physical libraries – and our Librarian – are here to support you.

Our library facilities

On campus and digital

Our physical library serves both our campus community and our Learning Communities. It is also a resource for those in ministry, or Christians simply wishing to extend their theological understanding. The library houses a large and growing range of books and journals (print and digital), many at the cutting edge of academic theology, as well as a range of electronic resources.

Menawhile, our digital library provides seamless access to an academically and historically deep theological library for all our students. It gives students in Learning Communities parity of resource with campus students, and enables the wider church to source relevant literature around the world through any digital device.

The library includes:

  • Online research skills tutorials
  • Key textbooks for all our modules as well as Bibles, commentaries, original language texts and tools, theological dictionaries, Bible encyclopaedias, and many other key resources
  • Relevant academic journals
  • The ATLA database – a bibliographic and full-text source for theology
  • Access to international theological search engines and digital libraries including The Global Digital Library on Theology and Ecumenism, and the Codex Sinaiticus
  • A significant database of resources in New Testament and classical Greek
  • A wide variety of worldwide theses databases, and much more

The digital library is integrated into our learning platform, providing instant access from a central repository for all students on campus and in Learning Communities. Donald Mitchell, Union’s Librarian, says, 'In a growing digital environment, where the scholar and researcher can feel a little like an explorer lost in a jungle, this portal provides a simple route to critical search tools, resources and learning materials.'

Library Catalogue

The Librarian

Donald Mitchell


Our friendly and knowledgeable librarian offers full resource support for all our students across the world, and proactive current awareness services.

Contact our librarian:

Donald J. D. Mitchell, BA, MA. PgDip, MBA, FCLIP, AFHEA.
Tel: 01656 641989