Global Ministry Course

The Global Ministry Course and the Intensive Global Ministry Course, built around the English Language programmes of Union School of Theology, primarily aims to build disciples with a vision for global ministry, in step with Union’s Gospel-centred Values.


Training disciples for global ministry

Union School of Theology’s Global Ministry Courses seek to deepen and strengthen the faith of the next generation of Christian disciples. Students from non-native English speaking countries, whose longing is to Delight in God, Grow in Christ, Serve the Church and Bless the World, are warmly invited to attend.

About the Courses

The 6-month Global Ministry Course and the 13-week Intensive Global Ministry Course offer English language study while deepening the students’ understanding of the Gospel and Christian belief. The varied curriculum is designed to produce Christ-like disciples who develop a global mindset who can grow into Christian leaders of their generation.

The Global Ministry Course runs from July-December and January-June. Content-driven and Christ-focused, the Course enables learners to express their love for Christ through the international medium of the English language. Students will be specifically prepared to take the universally regarded IELTS proficiency test.

The Intensive Global Ministry Course offers similar content in abridged form.

Speaking and Listening classes will require students to be able to give a personal testimony, describing how their relationship with Christ has changed their lives. Students will increase their note-taking skills and be able to respond verbally to listening activities and assignments. They will also be required to wrestle with some of the questions and objections commonly raised when the Christian Faith is discussed, so that they might be eager and ready to give sound reasons for the hope they have in Jesus.

Reading and Writing will focus on students’ understanding of written biblical and Christian material. They will learn how to respond in writing to various non-Christian perspectives, and produce articles to show their understanding of biblical and other texts, in order to gain increasing proficiency and fluency.

The GMC and Intensive GMC Courses will include classes that will help students to understand and express basic Christian doctrine, learn world mission theory and practice, interact with the media, and learn pastoral skills related to community and ministry.

(Whatever their level of English, students should note that they will be expected to engage in collaborative learning practices in order to facilitate the understanding and growth of all students.)

During each Course, students will take a Vision Trip – visiting one of Union’s Learning Communities and serving the church in Europe. They will see the needs of the European church and observe what the Lord is accomplishing through the churches being planted through Union Mission. Students on the full GMC will also take a Cultural Discovery Trip around the UK to observe local cultures and experience the English language in a fully immersive environment. Students will report on their experiences as part of their Course’s writing and speaking requirements.

At Union, we want to raise up students who love Christ and are equipped to take their knowledge and passion for God and his word into the world to work for the growth of God’s kingdom. Our focus will be to teach students to understand and display God’s love as it is revealed in the person of Christ through the pages of Holy Scripture. Students will be encouraged to make Christ their treasure, and to view God as uppermost in their affections. Our vision of raising up disciples who will learn to love God and enjoy Christ throughout their daily lives, work and ministry will be clearly seen to saturate every aspect of the Course.

Essential Information

Essential Information

  • 18 hours of English classes a week
  • Classes include general English skills, Christian studies, and European culture
  • Expert exam preparation for IELTS
  • Regular, individual tutorial sessions to develop speaking skills and learning strategies
  • Private tutoring sessions available on request
  • Bible Overview class for all students
  • A one-week vision trip to a Union Learning Community in mainland Europe
  • Additional theology classes available as appropriate
  • Visit and serve at local churches
  • All teaching by fully qualified native English speakers


UK government regulations currently require visa students wishing to attend a second GMC to re-apply for a visa from their home country. In order to encourage students to complete their studies, fees for a second GMC are significantly reduced.

Information on fees may be found here.

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Liam Steele Union Mission Coordinator / GMC Course Leader