Global Ministry Course

Christian English Language Training


Union School of Theology’s Global Ministry Course seeks to help students to improve their English language skills, and deepen and strengthen the faith of Christian disciples. We warmly invite all students from non-native-English-speaking countries, whose longing is to Delight in God, Grow in Christ, Serve the Church and Bless the World.

About the Courses

The Global Ministry Course is an English language course that also encourages the students in their understanding of the Gospel and their personal Christian belief. The curriculum is designed to develop students’ ability and confidence with the English language in a wide variety of situations they will encounter in their daily lives.

The Global Ministry Course runs from July-December and January-June. All students will sit an external exam towards the end of each semester. Students with a higher level of English will have the opportunities to learn strategies that will enable them to sit the globally accepted IELTS test. Students with a lower level of English will work on the skills they need to achieve greater proficiency in English, and prepare for the Cambridge PET exam.

The course curriculum integrates practice of the four language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing, so that students are better equipped to use English to express their faith. Students will practise note-taking skills through listening; engage in a variety of discussions and speaking activities; focus on reading comprehension and apply that skill to biblical texts, and develop fluency and accuracy in their writing. It is hoped that improvements to their English language skills will also enable students to critique and formulate faith-based responses to course content, so that they may be eager and ready to give robust reasoning for their faith in Christ.

Students will organise a Cultural Discovery Trip for themselves, to experience local culture and fully immerse themselves in an English language environment. A Vision Trip to a UK destination will also be organised for students by the School. Students will then report on their experiences as part of their Course’s writing and speaking requirements.

Students are expected to fully and actively participate in all aspects of the course and are encouraged to create their own opportunities to use their English.

At Union, we want to see students grow in confidence to express themselves and their faith in the English language, and be equipped to take their knowledge and passion for God and his word into the world. Students will be encouraged to make Christ their treasure, and to view God as uppermost in their hearts.

Essential Information

  • 18 hours of classes each week
  • Classes including English, Bible Overview, Aspects of Britain and the British, and Discipleship Training.
  • Expert preparation for external exams.
  • Regular, individual tutorial sessions to develop speaking skills and learning strategies and to provide opportunities to ask questions.
  • Occasional weekend excursions
  • Vision Trip to an important location for Christian History in the UK – organised by the School
  • Discovery Trip to a UK destination – organised by individual students, with advice from School staff
  • Additional theology classes (as appropriate)
  • Attendance and service at local churches
  • All teaching by fully qualified native English speakers
  • Certificates awarded to students who fulfil course requirements.

Health Care Information

Because the Global Ministry course is a six-month programme, students will need to purchase private health insurance to cover any health issues that may arise.

Further information about UK student health care policy can be obtained at the Health and healthcare page of the UK Council for International Student Affairs.

Applicants are required to obtain travel insurance which includes health coverage from their travel agent. Insurance options can be found at


UK government regulations currently require visa students wishing to attend a second GMC to re-apply for a visa from their home country. In order to encourage students to complete their studies, fees for a second GMC are significantly reduced.

Information on fees may be found here.

Next Steps

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