Union in West Birmingham

A Learning Community for the Midlands (2019, in abeyance).

Through our approved Learning Communities, Union aims to serve the Church by providing an affordable, flexible, accessible option for formal theological education. Our state-of-the-art online platform makes this possible as never before, and with excellent mentors and local tutors provides an enhanced way of learning in the context of the local church.

This Learning Community is hosted by Bearwood Chapel and the Lead Mentor is Dave Williams.

This community meets on a Thursday.

Dave Williams says,

“In the West Midlands there’s a big need for the work of the gospel in urban, inner city and council estate areas. In our inner city context, we have a church community where people are hungry to hear the gospel, and want to serve with their time, energy and gifts. We want to engage with the needs of our specific context, and think about how to plant and revitalize inner city churches – locally and further afield.

At Bearwood we were drawn to Union because of their concern to serve the local church. Union doesn’t see theological study as an end in itself, but wants to see people equipped to proclaim the Gospel, to pastor churches, and to plant churches where they are.

We appreciate the Union Learning Community model, too: being able to provide excellent training in our own local context reduces the financial cost of studying, which is a big help for our community. We also highly value the teaching material which helps us to think specifically about urban mission. We aren’t just seeing a few people coming to do a part-time course, but as a community we are really learning to integrate what we study in the classroom with what we do at church.

Union is preparing people for a lifetime of ministry: people who are equipped and ready to share the Gospel and live out their Christian faith in our cities.”


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Union in West Birmingham

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