Campus Community or Reformation of Residential Education?

With the calling and training of the Twelve, Jesus himself modelled the vital importance of a communal setting for this purpose. That is why Union is committed to learning in community.

The Union Campus

Studying for the newly improved BA on the campus offers the traditional advantages of an excellent seminary education and now the innovative and unique benefits of being part of Union. It is a wonderful privilege to be able to take three years out to lay a solid foundation for effective gospel ministry. And it is deeply enriching to worship and fellowship on a daily basis with faculty, students and the wider Union family. Views are formed and tested through these relationships, and friendships and networks are established that often bear fruit over many years.

But because the campus serves the whole of Union and not just the School, it has far more to offer than a traditional theological college. For instance, the campus is the nerve centre of Union Mission. Students are able to develop their evangelistic and apologetics skills by direct involvement with the evangelism ministry of and to engage with various church planting ventures.

More than a college campus, we see it as a seedbed of the gospel, a vibrant community embodying our values. Also, pastors and theologians will constantly be passing through in order to teach, take sabbaticals or work on projects. Because the campus forms part of a greater movement, which has the church at its heart and mission as its goal, our BA students are guaranteed a wonderfully comprehensive and stimulating learning environment.

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