Getting to Grips with the Old Testament

Cambridge Evening Conference

We are excited to welcome to you to this evening conference in the heart of Cambridge, equipping you in apologetics in the Old Testament. The New Atheists often turn to the Old Testament for ammunition and, in conversations with friends, we sometimes feel perplexed by questions of killing Canaanites, restrictions on certain foods, and slavery. This evening will be a unique opportunity to dig deep with the help of experts in biblical studies – all with the aim of giving you confidence in the Scriptures to answer questions and objections and show how every page leads us to the gospel of Jesus.

This is also a chance to learn more about the Union Learning Community that will be hosted at Tyndale House from September 2019, where you can study a GDip in theology.


7.00pm – The Old Testament and Slavery – Dr Peter Williams, Principal of Tyndale House, Cambridge
8.00 – Coffee
8.15 – The Old Testament and Genocide – Dr Steffen Jenkins, Lecturer in Biblical Studies, Union
9.15 – Breakout sessions, including food laws in Leviticus, the Priscilla Course, and the Union Cambridge Learning Community.
10.00 – Close

Please book here to secure your place at this evening!