Message from our Provost

Welcome to the new term at Union.

These unprecedented times have brought so much change to our world. Every city, family, school, and church have faced difficult decisions as of late regarding how to go back to what we’ve always known as normal life.

Thankfully, here at Union, God has kindly allowed us to resume classes this term with the largest number of new incoming students since Union School of Theology was established.

Last week, we welcomed these students to the Union Conference where they received induction, heard messages from faculty and both Mike Reeves and myself, and were launched forward, as it were, for sound theological and biblical training in the service of the church. We met students from across the UK and around the world in our various learning communities via virtual platforms.

Union exists for the reformation of Christ’s church around the world. From the school, to missions, publishing, and research, we are here to glorify God by serving the church.

May God richly bless each of you in the months ahead.