New Campus Faculty

Dr Steffen Jenkins to join Union faculty

Dr Steffan Jenkins

We are delighted to announce that Dr Steffen Jenkins will be joining the Union campus faculty from this September. He is currently Tutor in Biblical Languages at Tyndale House, Cambridge, and Associate Minister of Chelmsford Presbyterian Church, having completed his PhD under Professor Gordon Wenham. Steffen is married to Sally-Ann, and together they have two sons, Ben and Daniel.

Michael Reeves writes: “Steffen, who will be teaching Greek and Biblical Studies, has a quite superb ability to encourage pastors in God’s word and to give them confidence and ability to handle it in the original languages. I am very excited to see how those gifts will be used to strengthen our students and the churches they go on to pastor.”

Steffen writes, “My passion for my students has always been for them to persuade their congregations that the whole Bible, including every word of the Old Testament, is the living and active sword of the Spirit which will confront the lost, indifferent, sceptical and even hostile world and drive them to Jesus in repentance and faith. I want them to be on the front foot against the ‘New Atheism’, not defending but commending every one of God’s awesome deeds. To help them do that with joy, while ministry will unavoidably be full of painful tasks that take up too much time, I’m determined that handling the Bible in the original languages won’t be.

More faculty news to come, check back soon!