New Learning Communities!

Global quality, local delivery

Many new Union Learning Communities have begun across the UK and other parts of Europe, it is fascinating to see how quickly they take on their own identity and flavour. This may be because of their unique structure or situation, or perhaps because of the particular gifting of their Lead Mentor.

For example, Glen Scrivener is an evangelist and apologist, much sought after because of his ability to engage and challenge the kind of mindset that dominates our post-Christian culture. Not surprisingly, the Learning Community he leads in Eastbourne on the south-east coast of England has attracted students, even from a distance, who are particularly concerned to learn these skills. They want to participate in the mission opportunities that come Glen’s way, learning on the job while laying the theological foundations that come through studying for Union’s Graduate Diploma.

Meanwhile, our Learning Community in Rome is led by Leonardo De Chirico, a church planting pastor whose exceptional gifts as a theologian combine with a passionate spiritual longing for his native Italy. It is therefore not surprising that he draws in students who share his God-given zeal and vision.

Union rejoices in such diverse situations, and recognises that no one course could possibly meet the needs of all. That is why the Lead Mentor role is so key to shaping the course successfully in each location. Every community that joins Union becomes part of the family and is either a grouping/network of churches or larger church in a strategic situation.

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