Reformation Tour 2017

500 Years 1517-2017
Celebrating the Life and Ministry of Martin Luther

Embark on a once-in-a-lifetime journey to the birthplace of the Reformation alongside Prof Michael Reeves and Rev Phil Hill. Hosted by Union School of Theology from 5th-11th November 2017, with optional pre-tour visit to Oxford and Cambridge. We’d love you to join us!

We will be visiting the key sites associated with Martin Luther and the German Reformation. We will spend time praying for the growth of the church in Europe. In the evenings we will be treated to optional lectures from experts, including our President, Prof. Michael Reeves.

Among the places we will visit are:

  • Luther’s hometown of Eisenach
  • the university town of Erfurt where he studied
  • the Augustinian monastery he joined as a young man
  • the Wittenberg church where he nailed up his 95 Theses and which contains his tomb, and its parish church where he regularly preached
  • the town of Worms where his great encounter with the Emperor took place
  • the place of his ‘captivity’ at Wartburg Castle

For those who would like to transit through London to join the tour, we have arranged a special three day ‘pre-tour’ of the Reformation sites of Oxford and Cambridge. Those who arrive through London Heathrow airport will be offered transfer by coach to the hotel in Oxford, which will be one of the best in the city. There will be guided walking tours of both the cities and their universities to learn how the Reformation impacted these ancient centres of learning. In Oxford we will learn as well about John Wycliffe, its ‘evangelical doctor’ who preached the gospel and translated the Bible into English even before the Reformation.

The tour price will include all the scheduled costs such as bus travel, professional guides, hotels (bed, breakfast and evening meal) and entries, and flight costs from London Heathrow to Germany and return unless participants opt out of that to make their own arrangements for travel directly to Germany.

This will be a great experience that will enhance your appreciation of church history, fire your passion for the gospel, offer you wonderful fellowship and help show how the Reformation is still relevant today.

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