Two new partnerships with the Newfrontiers family

We’re pleased to announce two partnerships with churches in the Newfrontiers family.

We’re pleased to announce two partnerships with churches in the Newfrontiers family. From September we’re working with Emmanuel in Brighton as well as the Commission sphere of Newfrontiers churches to help raise up and equip current and future leaders.

Emmanuel, the first church in the Newfrontiers movement, will be starting an MTh Learning Community to help grow and train their leaders and church planters for ministry in Brighton and across the world.

The Commission sphere of churches will be starting two Learning Communities that will form part of their sphere-wide training programme. A GDip Learning Community based at Hope Church in Winchester will train those stepping into ministry while an MTh Learning Community based at Westminster Chapel in London will strengthen the pastoral and preaching ministries of current leaders.

“We’re really looking forward to partnering with Union and hosting a Learning Community,” says Joel Virgo, Senior Pastor of Emmanuel, Brighton. “We love what we’ve seen of Union; this is a group of people with a love for the Lord, a love for his truth and a keenness to help establish churches on a true foundation in Christ so that the wonder of the gospel works its way into communities and society.”

“We are delighted to be partnering with Union to establish two new Learning Communities for our leaders,” says Tim Blaber, Director of Training for Commission. “The depth and richness of Union’s theology combined with a compelling vision to see the local church strengthened in gospel centred ministry has been captivating to see. The Learning Community model makes accessible to a wider audience the outstanding scholarship of Union, thus multiplying the potential for leaders to be rigorously trained in situ. In Commission we have a vision to see 1000’s of lives transformed, through 100’s of churches, in 10’s of nations - a big vision like this needs well trained leaders and we are very confident that partnering with Union will help ensure this.”

For more on the Emmanuel MTh Learning Community click here.

For more on the new communities with Commission, visit this page for the GDip in Winchester and this page for the MTh in London at Westminster Chapel.

All our Learning Communities welcome applications from any who are suitably qualified. Visit our Apply page for more info.