What is Union?

Enabling healthy church growth

Our Vision

Growing leaders for growing churches

Union is an innovative new Christian ministry enabling healthy church growth through investing in leaders. Our vision is to grow leaders for growing churches, to see churches flourish in the gospel and drive forward in mission.

Who is it for?

Union is for everyone. We offer a huge range of fine theological tools to bless and serve the whole church, from podcasts to PhDs and everything in-between. Whether you are part of a church, in leadership already, or want to be equipped to lead a local church in the future, there is something for you at Union.

How does it work?

There are four parts to Union’s ministry:

Our School of Theology has 150 students in the UK and Europe this year. From BA to PhD, studying with Union will equip you to delight in God, grow in Christ, serve the church and bless the world.

There are two ways to do it. We have a campus in South Wales for full-time residential study, with excellent facilities and all the advantages of community learning. Union also has a growing network of hubs across the UK and Europe. If moving away to train for ministry isn’t an option financially, geographically, or simply because you love being part of your church, this is a ministry-minded and cost-effective option. Union hubs are led by excellent local mentors with pastoral experience. All course materials, examinations and accreditations are provided by Union. You come out the other end with exactly the same qualification as those studying on campus, but you can do it anywhere. Click here to see our full prospectus and see what might be right for you.

Union Resources is our treasure trove of theologically-fuelled, pastorally-minded resources for the local church. Our printed resources are available to buy at 10ofthose.com. We have a massive collection of free articles, videos and podcasts, online or via our app, for everyone to begin or continue a theological education. With over 130 authors, from Virgil to Virgo, from John Newton to John Piper, the breeze of the centuries is blowing through our collection. And from the Puritans to Parenting, Union’s resources are useful to everyone in the church. Take a look here to start exploring.

Union Research is the engine room of Union. As Calvin put it, ‘a good missionary is a good theologian; a good theologian is a good missionary.’ In order to grow good theologians so that the church can be fortified for mission, Union is setting up a theological research centre. Based in central Oxford, with full access to the University’s Bodleian Library, the Union research centre will enable church leaders to interact with scholars and students in a vibrant and creative community. The output of the research centre will be used to create useful and relevant resources for the local church.

Union Mission is the culmination of our whole ministry. As individual Christians and church leaders delight in God and grow in Christ, we will see churches flourish. And flourishing churches plant churches. In our mission we are partnering with many churches, networks and agencies to recruit, raise, fund and strategically deploy church leaders where they can be most useful. We are working with churches for the growth of the whole church.