Information on how to apply for our courses and ways to find out more.

About the Application Form

  • Have everything you need ready before you begin to fill out the online form. It is not possible to save your progress.
  • Please note that when completing the form it is not possible to go 'back' once you have moved on to the next page. Attempting to go back will cause you to lose everything that you have already entered.
  • The form will ‘time –out’ so make sure that you have the information below available to you.
  • All Degree Programmes are currently subject to ongoing validation discussions
  • If you are applying for MPhil/PhD, please follow the procedures detailed under MPhil-PhD/Essential Information. The application fee for MPhil/PhD is £300, although £250 is credited to your first year’s course fees if your application is accepted.

What you'll need...

To complete this application form, you will need the following information to hand.

  • A picture of yourself in a gif, jpeg or png format
  • Scanned copy of your IELTS certificate if English is not your first language
  • Details of any qualifications you have, from GCSE level (or equivalent) onwards. A scanned copy of your highest and most relevant qualification certificates or academic transcript will be required to complete your application, but can be supplied later if these are not easily located.
  • Details of any employment or relevant experience since leaving school
  • A brief testimony and details of your current church involvement.
  • Details of any books (apart from the Bible) that you have found particularly helpful.
  • You should NOT apply for a research course (MPhil or PhD) until your pre-application enquiry has been approved. To apply, you will need details of your research proposal. This can be uploaded as word document. Please see the research degrees page for further details.


We require three references – from your church leader, a personal friend, and your employer or academic institution.

Please download the Church/Personal Friend reference form and supply it to your church leader and to a personal friend. (Please note that this reference form should not be used for your Academic/Employer referee.) Ask them to return it directly to us

  • by post; or
  • by email to admissions, from an email address that is clearly identifiable as belonging to the referee.

Please ask your Academic/Employer referee to supply a letter of reference directly to us. The referee should comment on your suitability for your chosen programme and on your academic work (if an academic referee) or your ability (if an employer). The reference should be on letterheaded paper and/or stamped with an institutional/company stamp. Ask them to send the reference to us

  • by post; or
  • scanned and sent by email to admissions, from an email address belonging to the academic institution or company.

Before applying, please read the Procedures page.

Application Form