The Priscilla Programme

Helping women to handle the Word of God more accurately


The Priscilla Programme is designed for women who serve their local churches in voluntary ministries. Following the pattern of Priscilla in Acts18, 26, it helps women to learn how to teach other women 'more accurately', care for others more biblically, and be better prepared to give reasons for their faith and hope. Priscilla and her husband, Aquila, travelled with Paul, supported his ministry, and learned from him how to instruct others in the faith. This kind of volunteer ministry is still essential in contemporary church life.

If you lead a Sunday school group, teach a Bible study, are involved in pastoral visiting, or any other kind of ministry that you would like to be better equipped for, the Priscilla Programme is for you!

The Programme

The Priscilla Programme is a completely online course but studied along with others in community. It is offered by the Church Society in partnership with Union School of Theology.

The Programme consists of six 10-week modules which may be studied consecutively over two years, or taken as stand-alone courses. You do not have to have ANY previous training or experience before starting on your first module. During each ten-week module you need to study for about five hours per week.

Each module includes regular interactive seminars and individual tutorials, as well as video lectures and other downloadable content.

Biblical Studies Theological and Historical Studies Ministerial and Missional Practice

Bible 1: Old Testament

Bible 2: New Testament

Introduction to Doctrine

Church History

Evangelism and Apologetics

Pastoral Care

Entry Requirements:

No formal qualifications are needed to take the course, but you should

  • Have good, reliable internet access in order to participate in the weekly seminars.
  • Be able to sign up for one of the regular seminar slots and commit to being present online at that time each week.

The course leader is Dr Ros Clarke, Associate Director of the Church Society, who has many years of experience in teaching and training women in a wide range of contexts. She is passionate about equipping women for Bible-teaching ministries in the local church.


There are many reasons why women can find it hard to access training and encouragement in teaching the Bible but the Priscilla programme with its flexibility and module-based learning fills this gap. I pray that many women will be blessed by this programme and that the body of Christ will be built up and many reached for the glory of Christ.

Rachel Browning, Associate Minister, Christ Church, Cambridge

Having been at one of Ros’s training sessions for women, I can speak from experience when I say that you can have confidence that everything will be well-researched, well-written, and well-delivered. Enjoy!

The Revd Prebendary Sarah Morris, Prison Service Managing Chaplain

Next Steps

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