Meet our lecturers and teachers, listed here by their departments.

Biblical Studies & Languages

Cornelis Bennema Academic Dean and Senior Lecturer in New Testament

Iwan Rhys Jones Lecturer in Biblical Hebrew

Steffen Jenkins Lecturer in Greek and Biblical Studies

Steve Wilmshurst Lecturer in New Testament

Gordon Cooke Lecturer in Biblical Studies

Systematic & Historical Theology

Robert Letham Professor of Systematic & Historical Theology

Michael Reeves President and Professor of Theology

Daniel Hames Head of Resources and Lecturer in Systematic & Historical Theology

Richard Turnbull Lecturer in Church History

Lee Gatiss Lecturer in Church History

Natalie Brand Lecturer in Systematic & Historical Theology

Gareth Williams Lecturer in Systematic and Historical Theology

Preaching and Pastoral Theology

Ian Shaw Provost

Michael Reeves President and Professor of Theology

Raymond C. Ortlund, Jr. Adjunct Professor of Pastoral Theology

Phil Hill Pastoral Dean and Lecturer in Pastoral Theology

Sheila Stephen Lecturer in Pastoral Theology

Peter Mead Lecturer in Preaching

Roger Abbott Research Supervisor


Shaun Rossi Head of Mission and Lecturer in Missiology

Glen Scrivener Lecturer in Missiology

Leonardo De Chirico Lecturer in Missiology

Ted Turnau Lecturer in Apologetics

Mark Pickett Lecturer in Missiology

GMC Teachers

Liam Steele Union Mission Coordinator / GMC Course Leader

Fiona Dent GMC Teacher